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Strong Man

Our Mission

Ignite your full potential. Our program, CalStrength, is your guiding light on the path to physical excellence. With concrete goals, unwavering precision, and expert guidance, we empower you to unleash the extraordinary athlete within. Get your program now and embark on your transformative journey.

Meet Jefferson


Jefferson  CALLOWAY

Sports Expert

I have embarked on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. As a military officer, heli-pilot, and professional dancer, I have fearlessly embraced challenges. Over two decades, I immersed myself in strength sports, competing against elites to grow my knowledge, physique, skills, and strategies. Soldier, crossfitter, powerlifter, bodybuilder, and strongman—each role has expanded my perspective and skill set beyond imagination. I am living proof that perseverance, resilience, and self-belief can unlock limitless potential.


100% Veteran Owned and Operated

Our bodies are precious gifts, entrusted to us for this remarkable journey called life. Unfortunately, many people struggle to unlock their true potential alone or, even worse, seek guidance from those who lack athletic prowess—NARPS (Non-Athletic, Regular People). However, I have dedicated a lifetime to training and learning, discovering the methods that truly work and the ones to avoid. It has taken me two decades to transform myself into a multifaceted, high-performance machine. Now, I offer you this invaluable conglomerate of knowledge to guide you swiftly and surely towards physical excellence.

So, we invented CalStrength, where we have curated all these philosophies and insights in one central haven. Here, we emphasize concrete numbers, concrete goals, and concrete techniques. Our methodology is rooted in unwavering precision. With us, you will never stumble off the horse again. Subscribe now and embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your physical capabilities to astonishing heights.

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